Hire Conditions



Note: In these Conditions the expression ‘the Barn’ means Manor Barn and ‘Company’ means Manor Barn Limited

  1. The person by whom this application is signed shall be considered the hirer and shall pay the fee for hiring and any other charges according to the Schedule of Charges. By sending a form via email or completing on-line you are accepting these conditions in their entirety.
  2. The maximum number of persons allowed by the licence in the Barn is 120 (Comfortable seating for a seated buffet or meal is 100 persons.)
  3. THE HIRER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT GOOD ORDER IS KEPT IN THE BARN DURING THE HIRING and if in the opinion of the Company’s authorised Officer it is necessary for the preservation of good order before, during or after any meeting or entertainment in the Barn, the Hirer shall arrange at his own expense for the services of the police.
  4. The right of entry at any time during the hiring to the premises is reserved to the Company’s Officers and any other agent of the Company, and any police officer.
  5. No intoxicating liquor (without prior reference to the management) shall be taken into the Barn by the Hirer or by any persons acting in his behalf. The Company reserves the right to charge corkage per bottle.
  6. All arrangements in connection with the hiring of the Barn shall be subject to the approval of the Company’s authorised Officers and the Hirer shall conform with all reasonable requests.
  7. If not taking In-House Catering a known catering firm is preferred for food preparation and serving, and their insurance and qualification cover must be supplied to the Company. If family catering is insisted upon, the Company must be supplied with copies of Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000.  Hygiene Certificates and whatever else current legislation requires.  In addition, the Company must have assurance/evidence that all helpers are over 16 years’ old, or within licensing laws.
  8. Only the Company’s authorised Officers may operate the heating still for hot beverages. The kitchen may be used for heating and dispensing refreshments, crockery and cutlery can also be made available to the Hirer.
  9. No copyright dramatic or musical work shall be performed or sung in the premises hired without the licence of the owner of the copyright and all such licences shall be reproduced to the Company’s authorised Officer before the commencement of the hiring.
  10. The Hirer shall be responsible for all damage and the state and condition of the Barn or any part or parts thereof or to the contents thereof arising from the hiring (damage by fire excepted) and must make good all such damage at his own expense to the satisfaction of the Company.

No crazy-foam, marshmallows or similar permitted in the Manor Barn.

  1. Applications for public discos, dances and functions of a similar nature will not be accepted. In the case of hiring for private functions utilizing discos, groups, etc., the following conditions will apply:
  2. No public advertising;
  3. No tickets to be sold at the door, and
  4. No nuisance being caused to the neighbouring
  5. Security Deposit: Hirers may be required to deposit a sum not exceeding £300 with the Company as security against damage which may be caused to the Manor Barn Complex (including the Manor Barn, the Manor gardens and grounds and adjacent car park and public conveniences and other buildings in the Manor Barn Complex) as a result directly or indirectly of the hiring, and the Company’s authorised Officers may at their sole discretion use the whole or any part of the deposited sum in or towards the making good of any damage as caused; It will also be used for corkage, extra time not booked, and any extra-ordinary cleaning. The deposited sum if not used for the purposes above mentioned (or any part thereof not used) shall be refunded to the Hirer.
  6. The Hirer shall indemnify the Company, its Officers, servants and agents against all actions, claims, demands and liabilities which may arise (otherwise than by reason of the negligence of the Company, its Officers, servants, agents and contractors) as a consequence, directly of indirectly of:-
    1. The hiring, and
    2. Any breakdown of machinery, failure of electricity supply, leakage of water, fire, Government restrict, acts of God or other unavoidable cause which may require the premises hired to be temporarily closed or the hiring interrupted or cancelled.
  7. For major bookings, e.g. weddings, parties, dances etc., a hiring deposit will be required as confirmation of the booking. If the event is cancelled after our confirmation of your hiring the following charges will be immediately payable by you:


Within two weeks (Weddings 2 months) of the event                   –          the full amount

Within four weeks (Weddings 4 months) of the event                  –          50% of the full amount

Within six weeks (Weddings 6 months) of the event                   –          25% of the full amount

More than six weeks from the event                       –          £100 Deposit or 10% of the full amount (the greater)

The Hirer shall not assign the benefit of the hiring or the use of the premises to any other person or body.

  1. Any liability or expenditure incurred by the Company’s authorised Officers on the express or implied authority of the Hirer shall be discharged by the Hirer, and the Company will not accept any responsibility in connection therewith.
  2. The Management reserve the right to refuse admission
  3. Payment shall be made in full at last 14 days prior to hiring and 8 weeks before a wedding.